Enriching lives of Artisans

 Craftroots is an initiative of Gramshree to link the output of traditional artisans with the global markets. Dedicated towards the ongoing growth of traditional crafts , the artisans behind those crafts, and the society around us, our guiding idea is to share an experience of India via crafts, which is evident in the plethora of initiatives made possible by our fellow craftsmen, weavers, designers, artists, and collaborators alike. As we continue on our socio-economic path of growth towards preserving, developing and sharing the beauty of our Indian crafts to the whole world.

Mindful. Artisanal. Socially Sustainable.

Truly Meaningful Designs



Buying products made using traditional skills not only supports the craft’s continued existence, but also the artisans – often women who make them.



Our clothes are hand-crafted and heart-crafted too. There are stories behind each craft and there is a person behind each story.

Socially Sustainable

Socially Sustainable

We are a sustainability-forward, global fashion brand that considers both its people and the planet. We are on a mission to help you build a more thoughtful wardrobe.

A note to our regardful
family of buyers

Craftroots seek to communicate the fact, how one’s purchasing choices can directly impact the survival of generations old traditions and the livelihoods of thousands of artisans. Our brand revolves round artisans, not around seasons. It is their skills and demand for the craft that determines our release dates.

The designs being handwoven, makes it difficult to ensure the purchases you leave for later, is available later on. We therefore urge you to buy what you love, the moment you fall in love. For it may truly be one of a kind.


Uplifting Crafts
along with families

At Craftroots, craftsmanship is nurtured, traditions are preserved, artisanal skills are supported and mindful procedures and practises are implemented. To be a part of the solution to the societal evils, empowerment is at the heart of our purpose for every activity at Craftroots.

Slow Fashion towards a
world with compassion

Our products are a labour of love and effort, meticulously created and built to last generations. It’s hardly rapid fashion, but it’s the kind we prefer. Timeless fashion for the conscious you.


Heading towards Sustainable Future

Sustainable fashion is the creation of exquisite merchandise whilst affording the artisans with dignity,
a generous living, and a platform to preserve and amplify their skill and voice.


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